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Neither Europe or America may be the best destinations

Now European Union is overwhelmed once again by illegal migration and masses of people asking for asylum. The destination target has been mainly United Kingdom and Germany. Even if migration and movements of people have been happening from time immemorial, what is happening now needs explanation. This blog story is more interested in the chronic migration fever. Is it right to say that migrants are fed up with conflicts and humanitarian sufferings in their countries of origin? Can’t people see anything good in their homes of origin? What should be done? This story is to touch on one of the key issues causing fear in people in Africa. One of the leading factors is social injustice. Poverty, corruption, unconcerned governments, and education. As so long as young people do not have access to jobs of their own choice, they are compelled to seek it elsewhere no matter what. The preference is always where there is security and people are treated in respect to their human rights and fundamental freedoms. Human dignity must be observed. Most of African nations are still wobbling with their policies on cultures and unifying politics. Ethnocentricism in Kenya is making many fly out in fear of not fulfilling their life dreams. This is not the case in South Africa or Tanzania where the nation gives priority to citizens. Accessing a job of your dream is not easy in Kenya. This is a question of what you have to place on table and your group. It is unethical to judge one according to social calculus or discriminate one based on political immaginations. Human person should be treated equally and a person should be allowed to access their dreams. The authorities should not condon corruption. Failure to suspend Makueni County is tantamount to promoting corruption. Failure to audit corrupt counties in Kenya in search for votes, is indirect way of promoting corruption and filth in the system. Any corrupt leader must face the wrath of law. Guatamala has just sent the corrupt Head of State to face the law, while employing a new President. This is what Kenya must do. There should be zero tolerance to corruption. This nation is ailing and people have no respect for values and the rule of law. Why not to pay the teachers their due? Who takes their money?
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