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Expediency rather than consistency and morality

Did you realise that the Kenyan justice system, legal education and law enforcement agencies are more concerned with the expediency and consequences of legal matters than “justice”? Did you know that law courts are more concerned with their backlogs and caseloads other than the fairness of cases? Did you know that judicial system in Kenya is more concerned with results than quality? Did you know that the authority mandated with legal education is more concerned with expediency and duty other than the quality of jurisprudence? This is not only the Kenyan problem but the trends of legal practice. There is more attention on the law other than the morality. Expediency and justice are taken to be one and the same thing. But this is a blunder. Justice has its clear and distinct principes and procedures that the judicial system should not ignore. For the sake of justice as fairness it would not add value to look at cases in terms of clearing the backlogs. Quality and standards of judgments are deteriorating. Appeal judges are more concerned with expediency and proving the original jurisdictions wrong relying minimally on the principles of justice. This blog is meant for law students, practitioners, judges, law scholars, and those who are interested in the academic excellence.
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