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The judge as a wise person in society…!?

The Republic of Kenya is now faced with what I would refer to the climax of corruption. If found guilty, then Justice Philip Tunoi might become the worst example of how chronic corruption has become. Even if Kenya is not number one most corrupt nation on earth according to corruption perception index, it might become one of the most dangerous nations. It is hard to believe what comes up in the Kenyan public reality. I challenge the old say that the aged are always the wisest. If The Supreme Court is something to get by, then the Judges of the Supreme Court must have clean hands. It is the highest court on the land. What would one conclude of the court of Appeal? What will one say about the High Court? Not to mention the lower courts. The innocent will always end up in jail while the guilty shall walk with their heads tall.
Justice and wealth in Kenya is becoming one of the serious topics in the mouth of ordinary person. Even the youth would claim that they must fight to be corrupt and become wealthy.
What is now transpiring is that we cannot trust our institutions. The watchdogs have become the mad dogs. There must be a complete overhaul and those who are currently serving the public must be sent home to enjoy their retirement in order for the society to start a fresh. Can the court play the gatekeeper?
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