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First Lady Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe

Power of a woman cannot be wished away!

Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe ( Marufu; born 23 July 1965) is the wife of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. So much has been said about Grace but one thing is eminent. As the first Lady of a powerful man of Zimbabwe she saw herself as a possible successor of the husband.

We cannot rule out the fact had it not been her ambition for succession of Mugabe, Grace would have been still the first lady. She differed with so many political veterans especially of the ZANU ruling party. She did not feel comfortable with whoever would be the successor including Joice Majuru and the Vice President.

Who could control the ambition of the first lady to take over from her aging husband? This was far from imagination as she had surrounded herself with powerful young ambitious leaders. Her motive was to do away with whoever would attempt to take over power. But this did not happen.

The Military Forces had a strange plan to ensure that Mugabe’s succession was conducted in a honourable way and that power is given to one whom they considered best suited for such position. In what would appear as a sinking regime, Zimbabweans got themselves a smooth transition. Hon. Morgan Changarai who was the powerful competitor of Mugabe and one time, the Prime Minister in a power sharing deal, finds himself out of stamina to keep on struggling for power. Today, Changarai is nursing his health in South Africa hoping that he will get well and carry on his aspirations. This possibility is getting deem with time.

However, the legacy of Grace is still haunting many in Zimbabwe. She was a great woman who managed to stay closer to her aging husband despite all the pressures that come along with such positions. Her contribution to various changes in the Great Zimbabwe shall remain even after decades. She managed to enable the Military to intervene and ensure that Mugabe surrendered from power in a peaceful way. Had it not been her ambition for power and ferocious struggle to see her rivals out of her way, she would still be the first lady. But it was time to send a long serving politician and the father of the nation home.

Remember taht Mugabe did not like Mandela because President Mandela taught us how to allow democracy to succeed in South Africa. Another reality of Mandela is his belief in a rainbow nation for all. Mugabe saw this as a weakness and ordered white farmers to surrender their farms to Africans in his land reform policy. Actually, this was the move that brought his economic down-fall and international show-down. Mugabe believed that by doing so, he would become a hero.

Former President is still keen on the political trends in Zimbibwe despite his worsening health and age. However, Grace is still young enough to carry out her desire to lead the nation. The question is, how to do we differentiate between mere ambitions and the need for a nation? It is not enough to show desire to lead but to demonstrate to people that such talents are in you. Grace may only consider her presidential ambitions as a dream that died at the time her husband was ousted peacefully and persuaded to accept retirement.

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