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Foul and indecent use of words Not Acceptable

Racial slurs being used in the USA while other leaders are watching!

It is not for the first time that Head of State and President of the United States of America makes provocative remarks. President Donald Trump has not only done it once but repeatedly and he shows no regret about his utterances and tweets. Yet he is the elected President of the United States of America. Even if there are issues with his presidency, he is the sitting president and his words are effective no matter what. But who gives any president the power to insult other beings or rather, to discriminate other nations? Is president Trump in violation of the international law of human rights? Racism, apartheid, discrimination of human beings have been since condemned by the so called civilized nations and we are all alive to the UN conventions and many other protocols. We are alive to historical mistakes committed by democratically and properly elected governments which brought about international trauma and crimes against humanity. Racism and hatred have been recently re-emerging in the nation which has been branded as the rainbow society. United States of America has been an exemplary nation of opportunities from time immemorial. After the abolition of slave trade and slavery, American leaders including Jefferson stood firm against any attitude, behaviour and utterances that would suggest human hatred.

The Second World War that ended in 1945 was brandished negatively by all means due to the holocausts and regimes that were discriminating other races. As though nothing matters anymore in the 21st Century, the 45th president of the United States of America is still propelling white supremacy and claiming that countries such as Haiti and African countries are shithole countries…Where on earth does this remark belong?

Well, some African countries have been dysfunctional and their leadership have proved by all standards to fall below the international standards. But, there are living human beings with dignity living in such nations. Such nations worth what they are. If America is willing to assist them overcome their pitfalls, well and good. But, if America is not ready to stand firm and offer the leadership to the world, then it is time to give chance to emerging economies such as China or any other nation that can offer better leadership.

It is a pity that some countries are known to be moribund. There is electoral injustice, corruption is still rampant in many African states, there is impunity, elimination of persons, and many other crimes against humanity. We all know what is happening in DRC, CAR, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, S. Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Cameroon and many other countries. However, civilization is a process and such nations need more support from the United States of America.

International migrants from African countries are no lesser human beings than white migrants. It is demeaning for an American president to refer to black people with repugnant and inappropriate terms such as S-hole countries. If anything, America has been built by such nations that now Trump is looking down upon. It is unfortunate that Mr. Trump has never shown any respect towards the blacks, Asiatics and African Americans during his presidency.

Well one may argue that I careless about what Trump is thinking or is purporting to express. Let me remind you that such reckless utterances are enough to bring the international order into chaos once again. A leader must as well choose and weigh his words. It is wise to be less offensive and avoid making such blatant errors. Such wordings are not only illegal by all measures but also a clear proof that Trump has messed up the values America has always stood for. He has been determined to prove his predecessor wrong rather than building America from where president Obama had left it. It is the time right thinking Americans must stand up and disown the unkind and annoying statements from the mouth of their leader. It is not too late for the people of the great America to condemn Mr. Trump…and put America first!

Foul language that president Trump has been advocating shall not make America great again. If anything, such dirty statements about other nations such as the Arabs, Africans, Mexicans and Haitians shall only weaken America more. It is not the time to call other races names. It is not called for. Those who work and live in America do so because they honour and respect the flag of the USA. They respect and honour the constitution that puts the nation together. If anything, the president of any democratic nation is the first citizen. He must show decency and decorum in how he is dealing with other humans. He is as mortal as any other person here on earth. Whether black, pink, yellow or brown, we are all members of one family, the humanity. Whether rich, poor, or both, we shall one day succumb to the call of nature and quit this material world once and for ever.

I do admit that Africans must consider cleaning their house as well. I do agree that all is not well in Africa and with the African people. But, I deny to buy the belief that Africans are less human beings or rather, they have the lowest rank of revolution. We are all equal and Mr. Trump cannot reverse this knowledge. We all have equal dignity and human rights. Mr. President, please withdraw your racist remarks against Africans and Arabs. We deserve our respect and dignity.

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