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France Merits our Congratulations for Democracy

Macron, 39 years old is the youngest president France has ever had. The choice of Emmanuel Macron is a sign that Europe needs young and inspired leaders that stand for change, peace, development, and improvement of lives. He is going to mend fences with other EU members. His charisma in leadership resembles that of former President of the USA, Barrack Obama. His political vision has moved many French voters. He talks of unifying the already divided France. He supports the cause of European Union and stands against extremism and politics of hatred. He believes in the strength of the people and his elections campaign reveals all this.

His opponent Marine Le Pen, being a far right politician who supported division and extremism lost with nearly 38%. It is a sign that politics based on hatred has no room in a nation that has given Human Rights its impetus. She did not like EU and supported the ideology of the USA President, Donald Trump, that of building walls and discriminating against others in order to make France great again. What failed Le Pen in her desire to lead France was based on racist ideologies that have no much resonance among many French voters. She vowed to make France great again but her policies are not the best.

I do believe that Macron’s administration shall not only make France what it ought to be but shall also bring positive changes in the European Union. His vision is full of promises that European population has been looking for. The spirit of Europe has been that of the Union as opposed to fragmentation. Actually, Macron shall make EU strong again. No more questions of Frenchxit as other pessimist people had started insinuating. The way to go is to put efforts together by like thinking nations and make the unions strong. The French elections has re-lighted the fading lights in the European Union and now there is hope for new ideas and more unity.

By extension, EU shall not be overshaken by Trumpism – anti union, anti immigration and hatred. This is a sign that Mr. Donald Trump will either shape up or ship out. He has to understand how to work with NATO and how to support the goals of the European people. There is need for strengthening the systems and establishments that have been there for decades. It is important to predicate change and reforms from within the establishments other than fighting them.

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