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As Kenyans go to the polls…

Just imagine what it means to Kenyans whenever we approach general elections! Abusive words, tension, unethical and immoral utterances, clashes, and too much stress caused by interest groups. Politicians are at it once again…busy dividing people for the sake of victory in 2017. Imagine how many Kenyans look gloomy and sad about it. As a people we are happier when we are together and when we appreciate one another. Politicians are not a happy lot. They use divide and rule principle to secure their positions. It is in the interest of this story to discuss what is happening with our politics.
We are not arguing that politicians can own their communities and command them. We are not arguing that the rich elite and their parties can use money to cone the public in the name of votes. This should be overcome by national values and priorities. The priorities this time is about employment, heavy taxes, public health, climate change, insecurity, deteriorating education sector, and draconian laws. As this is not important, politicians are busy telling us what they think we need. God forbids! We do not need their divisive tac-tics and dividing people.
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