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Kenya at global focus – at what benefit?

Kenya is one of the few African countries with great economic potential. It has a population of over 40 million and over 67% are youth. This is a sign of great hope for development since the majority are active population in terms of workforce making the human capital huge. But all this is not tapped due to corruption in government. In addition, we must admit that peace is the basis for every development strategy. It is because of peace and stability that the international community is focusing on Kenya. Another asset for Kenya, besides her people, are natural resources that are available in every county. The climate is one of the best in Africa. It has what it takes to attract tourists and investors. This weblob is more interested in why, despite all this, things do not add up for Kenya?
This is a question worth millions of dollars. Just to begin with, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit is soon taking place in Kenya, almost 60% of Kenyan registered SME, in terms of companies are not even aware of such thing. It is sad but true that many Kenyan entrepreneurs are not involved in this great world summit. Why is this so? Kenya is still fanning international community without reaping much from it. It is the government of Kenya to ensure that such summit helps the private sector as well. Instead, the government is still interested in its own gains. This is the undoing for the Kenyan system. There is a belief that forein investments are the only way out to solve the Kenyan huge revenue and not private small companies by Kenyans. This is a mistake number 1. The mistake number 2 is that Kenyan government has not been in touch with the reality on the ground. Besides what the Jubilee government has done with Huduma Centre, NYS, and digital media, too little is happening on the ground.
All is pegged on partisan governments, divisive politics and corruption. It is unfortunate that most county governments are not making change happen. Some counties are just replica of the bigger picture of Kenya. Most leadership at the county level adopted corruption from the national government and it is even worse. MCAs and the Executives enrich themselves and too little to listen to the needs of the wards. It is still sad that governors usually close their eyes to the needs of the people. There is lack of thinking tanks at the county level and governors tend to micromanage the economic development in their areas. Then the plans from the national government are also concentrated in some regions while top leadership also use such opportunities to campaign.
I am happy that Kenya has become the hub for international conferences and world attention on the sub-Sahara Africa. The Jubilee government has to be more careful in many areas. Democratic space is still required in decision making. Corruption is till too far from over or at least, from reduction. Too much politics and blame game. The judiciary has become a tool for self-defence other than prosecution. Whoever feels to hide from the wrath of law will run to court and overturn the law. The stolen money is never recovered and ploughed back. The principals on top always tend to defend their own because of ethnic and party politics. Whoever is charged of corruption allegations will switch to politics in order to get out of the hook. Hon. Ngilu is now hobbling between the Jubilee and the CORD in order to keep a float with her situation in court. The show of might takes ethnic line as Kenyans say, we are targeted or our community is targeted. This is Kenya and we are always taken in circles.
It is sad but true that Kenya is not benefitting enough from global summits. Too much expectations from the visit of President Obama in 3 days from now. But, I doubt if the USA President will be the lasting solution for Kenya.
Read us, follow us, like us, share this…be the first to comment. Media in Kenya are discussing more about the visit of the USA President other than the Global Summit. Why???

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