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Valueless ideas – media are questioned

There is no doubt that we live in a world of mass media. There is no question of returning back anymore. Today we communicate more with mobile phones than with each other. There is no human touch in our conversations! Through internet messages we happen to speak to people we really don’t know and certainly, we may not meet them in life. We relate more to machines than to our fellow human beings. It is a robotic life. It has become custom that we deal with virtual world, the world of internet. In public places, it is common to see people switching to their mobile phones, ipads, iphones, or laptops. There is common tendency to avoid talking to one sitting next or a neighbour living next door. In the eyes of elders, this is a lost generation. In the eyes of the youth, instead, this is the modernity we have been desiring to have. The ideal world! This weblog is rather interested in discussing the moral propensity of all these changes in our lifetime.
The technology has done wonders. We cannot deny the benefit of machines and innovations. They have made our life easier than befoe. Communication has become faster and easy. Information now crosses very fast from corner to the other with no difficulty. A reality that has killed the telegraphs and use of post offices. In Kenya, actually, the traditional post offices have been evolved into huduma centres, meaning, centres for government services.
Messages now travel faster than ever before. Again to make it better, such messages get to unkown number of receivers across the globe at supersonic speed.
My worry is, how do people make use of such messages? What is the quality of messages that get to us for free? Do they contain anything of some value to us or not? Such are the questions that ordinary people rarely address. We are too busy to contemplate on such questions, or rather, we are not in a position to do so. The latter seems to be the case among media users today. A friend teaching human psychology once told me that an image perceived through our visual sense can stay in the memory for over two decades. The impact of such message can change our attitude and our mindset 1000 times before we realize its moral content. Media information has lost its moral quality. People receive messages that only harm them. The reason is, there is inclination towards, following websites with things that entertain us emotionally. Remember, I said, emotionally. We tend to avoid messages that entertain our intellect, or reasoning faculty. Information that make us think and reason, are usually boring. We prefer gossips or sexual emotions.
Certainly, media are hurting the society. People with no proper moral stand usually fall victims of emotional media. The information they receive change them totally. Their understanding of things change. Wrong ideas get into their minds and their body becomes now the theatre of testing such ideas. In reality, several young people are developing negative attitude about family. Many young men and women, at the age of marriage, tend not to care so much about it. Marrying for having a family or atleast, children, is no longer fashionable. Sexual orientations are also changing as some media users become addicted to immoral images. Actually, there are no more secrets in the media. There is no privacy. All this play with the dignity of mankind. There are no more values but pleasure. The ideas of libertarianism, freedom and individualism are no dominating our mindset.
There is more insistence on deinstitutionalization, deregularization, and anarchy everywhere. What we have become is totally scaring. Freedom to believe in what I want. The freedom to do what will bring me more pleasure. There is total anarchy blended with poor sense of moral values. In other words, we have become artificial and less human. The impact of all this is the violence and what we see happening. Human life has lost meaning. Beheading an innocent has become style for some people to entertain their egos.
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