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The hard times of Charles Dickens is now!

Let’s keep on telling stories about the impacts of extreme weather impacts

When Dickens wrote about the hard times, he was referring to the negative impact of capitalism on nature. In his city London bricks used to build houses were turning dark and ugly due to smog from industries. This back in the 19th Century. None of us living today was there. But if Dickens comes back today to narrate the same story he would be wordless. We are destroying our green space rapidly. Now attention is turning to blue economy. It simply means,  water and black ware now targeting the water space as well.

Kenya has experienced the longest drought so far. Weather man keeps on warning farmers that rains will come but it will be a disaster. Government is saying, we better build dams and harvest the rain water. Scientists are predicting hard times for Africa and Kenya is included in the list. Food is not only expensive now but it will soon not be accessible for many humans who badly need it for survival.

Water and sanitation are becoming policy issues. Blue water, grey water are now black water due to human solid and liquid wastes getting directly into the rivers. Our attention to good use of water and land is scarce. Air pollution in Nairobi is getting worse. Plants are facing stress caused by climate change. It simply means, the green space is diminishing with time. Government enacted an Act to regulate destruction of plants but still people burn woods to get charcoal which is basic source of energy for the poor.

Povery is biting as many people now live from hand to mouth. It is shocking but joblessness in Kenya is causing more tension among the youth. Cities such as Nairobi, even the traffic is hard to regulate. Motor-bikes kill and injure so many in the cities. Since the riders are the jobless youth who are also the voters, policy makers prefer sparing them and compromise human safety on the roads.

This blog story is meant to plead with humans to take more care for the threatened environment. Mitigating climate change seems to be more of a government duty. The duty for each one of us is even more demanding. Adaptation. Individuals must work harder for the adaptation process. It is the only mechanism through which we can save our generation from perishing and predict something better for the future. As it is now, we need to pay more attention to the environment. What is happening with our human environment?

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