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History repeats itself…!

Freedom and Democratization in Kenya has been a long walk in the jungle. The story goes that history repeats itself. After a long and bloody fight to send the British colonists back home, Kenyan nationalists got independence and immediately national crisis. The crisis was now how to share the piece of cake equally and how to build the nation. The era of assassinations and intolerance sparked wide divisions among political elite. The opposition forces were always threatened and weakened by governments. Divide and rule still remains the order of the day while politicians have moved to vilify whoever opposes their ideologies and behaviour.

In 2010, Kenya was praised for progressive constitution. The implementation of the constitution is however still in the process while the regimes seek to amend it and give more powers to the presidency as it was before the new book of law. History repeats itself as political big weights seek to battle it off. If Kenya, loses its good book of law then it is gone. Maiming and killings of innocent persons is still rampant. Police officers use excessive force and abuse of power to threatened whoever is perceived to be in the opposition. Such brutalities are becoming too frequent country wide especially in the perceived opposition strong-holds. It is as though, no leadership can come from the opposition. It is sad but it is the reality on the ground.

Hard times are coming back with time. Totalitarianism and authoritarianism are coming back. The governed oppressed seek justice in courts of law and where they can, they take to the streets to push for more law reforms especially in the pro democracy laws, electoral laws and human rights. But even this is not very easy. The issues are complex as the majority rulers in parliament seek to change laws in their favour! It is a tragedy for a new born democracy like ours. The education system is breaking off. Health Sector is in chaos, while welfare state is gone! There is no quick solution.

Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board did excellent work to make the judiciary achieve its mileage in improvement. It is since wounded up and the job was given tot he Law Reform Commission that is toothless and unheard of. Institutions are getting weak and compromised. It is sad and unfortunate!

The Executive is asserting its power over the institutions and forcing some Cabinet Secretaries to join them in political campaign. Rigging of elections is still a big problem that Kenya is coping up with. It is not quite okay for any democracy. Politics of hatred and division is never good for any civilization and the situation is scaring. The situation is getting incredibly worse after the Supreme Court ruling that nullified the presidential elections. The question of fresh elections for presidential candidates has become crucial as the government is not ready for any reform as proposed by the opposition. There is possibility that rigging has been installed and there is nothing like free, fair and credible elections in Kenya for some time to come. This situation is worrying the country as the IEBC is not independent as it ought to be.

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