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How African Stolen Wealth is Building Dubai…

Who is making this happen here in the desert?

It is strange but this is the truth. Those who are involved in corruption in some parts of Africa and Kenya included end up being invested in Dubai. As China is investing in Kenya, Kenyans are busy investing in Dubai. Very soon Kenya shall be an extension of the Arab Emirates and its economic empire. All what is happening is not morally good for the economy.

Free market has made it easy for finances to cross borders and get invested in off-shore accounts or in such modern city states such as Dubai. Why Kenya? Do your research. Kenyans are the greatest investers in Dubai. They buy hotels and make their profit income through the business. This vicious business involves many poor African countries that smuggle the stolen money out of the country.

This is just to make you think around the clock. Africa may not save itself. People know what is right but they choose to do the wrong thing. Why? Africans blame the West for the wooes of the continent but the same Africans destroy Africa and people are made to be silent about it. Something is not adding up for us.

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