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Arrogance has no value in socialization

Generally, arrogance is defined as an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter or more important than other people. However, in ethics, arrogance is related to bad conduct, character, behaviour or personality. Someone behaving rudely or arrogantly is usually taken to be of bad character or a person who lacks public etichette. In Kenya, it is common to find the use of arrogance with decorum that makes it appear good, mroe desirable and honourable. For instance, political parties would prefer an arrogant character or personality other than a gentleman or a statesman. In business, arrogance is seen as an avenue for getting business done, and minting money from the public sector. Arrogance is used to create fear in others or to hide one’s incapacity or inability to perform.
It is in the interest of this discussion to reveal why in Kenya some people can only succeed to get things done by being arrogant. It is common to find political leaders pointing fingers at government officers, security officers, and employed staff. At police check points such people use arrogance and threat for them to get away with their crimes. Arrogance is used to arm-twist the authority and avoid justice. Arrogance is also used to show heroism. The city officers had to clamp it as per the urban rules and policies. Finding that his car was clamped the leader asked for a hammer and broke the padlock in the glare of the media. It was to show his heroism. When he was arraigned in court for arrogance and breaking the law, he was fined 10,000 shillings, almost a hundred US dollars. He paid and he was released.
Some electorates decide on their candidate in Kenya based on the character of the person. This happens also at every elective positions. At the University of Nairobi, Sonu students shall elect their leader based on money but most importantly, the character of the person. He must be bold enough and man enough to defend the rights of his electorates.
But I am asking, should one be unethical in order to get his rights respected? Should I be arrogant and rude in order to be appointed in a position of leadership? Is arrogance part of merits? It is evident in all sectors of life that some people just decide to add arrogance to their character. It includes even the intellectuals and civil servants in Kenya. Some personalities that I would not like to mention in this blog have earned their wealth by becoming arrogant to investors. Investors are later shown the door through arrogance. I think, arrogance shall always and ever remain unethical behaviour. Arrogance does not prove that one is capable of delivering. I am afraid that in a society such as Kenya, arrogance works well because there is no proper functioning bureaucratic system. Some people can only sail through if they use arrogance but not the ethical way. Arrogance is mainly a result of social corruption where individuals are treated as per the colour of the skin, their ethnic groups, their sex, or their class. Kenyan society is exactly that. It is hard to get what you merit. Your ethnic group is sufficient to determine your fate in society. In this context, individuals become aggressive and self imposing. For instance, some funs of Gor Mahia may use the match to show arrogance as a reaction to their social outcry. This is the only way to show thei might. Oppressive systems have always nurtured arrogant characters. We do not have to fight for our rights. It is the responsibility of the state to ensure that our rights are respected, observed and that we enjoy them too. “Arrogance. No thank you!”
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