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How Europe did away with walls

Kenyans wealthy class must think of perimeter walls even before putting up a house on their plots. Why the wall? Why strong gates? In Europe rich persons would prefer building their castles on top of hills and erect mighty perimeter walls around it. The Venice Merchants even decided to build their personal homes on the sea to avoid intruders. The cause of all this is that when some members of the society are too poor and miserable, those who are rich and living well are never safe.
The Presidency of Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila saw it wise to promote the Middle Class so that as many Kenyans as possible can access reasonable standard of life. Despite all this valuable effort still the number of poor people is climbing very fast. So many individuals searching for their meals in the litter bins in the city of Nairobi and there are many beggars than ever before. The effort made by the government to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor has not been successful.
The Middle Class preferred using their hard earned wealth to invest in automobiles and build strong fences and walls for protection.
The only best thing to do is to build bridges and enable as many people as possible to access basic needs. Walls will not help any purpose if still many people are jobless and desperate. There is no way the government shall manage to invest in security and protection of citizens as so long as poverty remains a reality. There must be serious effort and mega plan to reduce poverty by improving the Middle Class.
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