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How Digital Technology is Changing the Youth!

It is a fact that today many young teenagers spend most of their time using mobile phones. Surprisingly enough, not so many people question what they use such gadgets for? Some people use it to communicate with their friends, family members, employers and so on. But some use it just for fun. For instance, reading news feeds, some use it for looking at photos and images. Some young people use it for looking for jobs and ways of how the digital technology can transform their lives.
This blog is more interested in discussing what is changing the quality lives of the youth today? We know that some youth have gone into drug addiction, prostitution, theft, security risks (terrorists), kidnapping, or committing cyber crimes. Most of these vices come from the wrong use of the digital technology. It is a fact that we cannot dispute that many young people are not trained to use such gadgets. Education curriculum of many governments miss subjects that would take young people through profitable use of mobile phones or electronic gadget.
The failure of the governments to control the use of electronic media today has lead to some social anarchy. For instance, how people relate, what they do, how they associate and how they meet their partners. So much is changing including how couples also understand their relationships. This is leading to many marriage breakages. Early marriages. Fragile families and infidelity. There are cases that overuse and disoriented manipulation of the social media can even damage psychological health of a person. There is a case of a boy of 10 who was used to raping his grandmother of 90 years. The community came to learn it at some point and reported the incident to the local chief. The boy had to be arraigned in juvenile court and the sentence was to jail him. Actually, this should not just be as any ordinary crime but mental health issue.
What I have in mind is that it would be better to have policies related to values, morals, and standards so that young people could be better trained on how to constructively engage with electronic media.
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