It is true that human rights activists, lawyers and advocates are being threatened in several parts of the world. Why is it that after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, followed by several international Conventions, and creation of UN High Commission of Human Rights based in Geneva, still some democracies are not comfortable with human rights principles and values? In almost all constitutions in the world, human rights is in the agenda and how comes security forces under legitimate governments are still uncomfortable with human rights?
Violations of human rights should not go unchecked. It is our duty as the living human beings to capitalize on human rights for today and tomorrow and generations to come. It defines our civilization and maturity as citizens of the world. It would be a great loss if leaders trade on issues that propagate the violations of human rights. It is unacceptable to entertain any leader whose agenda is to frustrate human rights and advance hate crimes.
Human rights is the basis of United Nations and the rationale behind the international operations. Derailing the efforts made by the founding fathers may lead to untold violence and end of our civilization. All the human achievements may go to hell when the worst breaks-out now. A nation that does not promote and protect human rights within her jurisdiction is living in the past and may not fit the spirit of the nations that subscribe to the UN Charter.
Any police officer that violates human rights should lose his or her office and must be arraigned in the court of justice for prosecution. Killing of human rights advocates is not the right thing to do and the government should be held accountable for any violation of human rights.
Every human life is inviolable and nobody should be allowed to shoot to kill. Extrajudicial killing that is now rampant should be rejected by all world authorities. Discrimination of all forms should be condemned and justice must be done. Any politician that seeks public office on platform of hatred must be rejected and prohibited by the force of law.
Had it not been human rights and its principles the world would have been ashes. It is because we have to respect human dignity and protect human life. Fundamental freedoms and respecting one another’s space is a value that all nations should promote and stand for in making decisions, policies and laws.
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