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Politics of arrogance – Kenya sets wrong example of no apology

NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 16 – National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale says he will not give in to public pressure to step aside after claiming to know suspects and sympathisers of the Al-Shabaab terrorists.

It is true that Hon. Aden Duale owes nobody any list, but ethically, he has moral obligation to work and serve Kenyans. In any democracy a leader can only suffer a vote of no confidence should matters get worse than this. Condolences to the Kenyan police officers, the family members of the victims in Garissa. Kenyans must work with the government and solve the problem of terrorism that keeps on reaping innocent souls. Hearing that al-Shabaab crosses the border to lecture Kenyans and none of them is killed, or some militia from Ethiopia cross over and kill innocent Kenyans, it would be sad to hear leaders making careless and irresponsible utterances; for instance, “we owe nobody a list of terrorists”.
The interest in this blog is to reiterate moral obligation that every leader must have in regard to his assigned public office. It is a duty and not a privilege to be the majority leader. This is a national problem that must be addressed by Parliament. The majority leader, Hon. Duale may not owe anybody a list of criminals, but he must abide by his words.
The tough speaking majority leader is known for his confidence in public. He can tell other leaders off: for instance, hii pesa si ya mama yako, or I cannot be under pressure, I only work with the government on security matters. Is it in order for a political leader to be bold and make reckless statements on issues that affect each Kenyan? The persons being killed are not the government but innocent men and women, with families to care for. We must pray for our leaders. They have a difficult work to do.
Again on moral ground, it is honourable for a leader to accept national dialogue and stop hardlines. It is within the interest of the public, the Kenyan people and the constitution, that elected leaders must behave with honour and defend the land. Each of us should be a patriotic defender of our nation, flag and national anthem despite our political differences. We are all called to a service, to serve the people in our capacities.
The Parliament, the Executive, and the Judiciary all must play their role in the best interest of the country. The ruling party and the opposition, are all mandated with serious duty to take care of the State. Opposition should insist for national dialogue other than Okoa Kenya. The Jubilee government must also tone down and listen to Kenyans.
Tough language, verbal terrorism and exchange of bad words are signs of a serious problem that we must address as a nation. The President always tells us, every Kenyan is responsible for the security of this country. “Nyumba Kumi” is a good government policy, but it can only work effectively if we all embrace it.
There was once a farmer. In his farm he had one hen, one goat and one cow. One day, a snake broke into the homestead, and the first to be accosted was the hen. The hen had to run to the goat for help. The goat said, leave me alone, it is your own problem. The hen, then moved to the cow, believing that the cow would have empathy on her. The cow said, leave me alone. It your own problem. The snake later turned to the master and bit him. The farmer died. The same day, mourners gathered in his homestead. The evening came and the mourners were hungry. The victim was the hen for supper. The following day, many more mourners gathered. The evening came, and the next victim was the goat as they were arranging for the funeral the day after. On the funeral day, a larger number gathered to see their village mate off, and the cow was to be slaughtered to feed the mourners. At the end, the problem was not only for the hen but the entire family.
As a people we must learn how to defend ourselves. It is not who is who in the government, or which party is ruling. It will be about all of us. The problem of al-Shabaab militia is a concern for all of us. They can attack anybody, anyhow and anywhere. School children are not safe neither following the attack on the University college in Garissa. They have severally attacked our police forces mercilessly.
Lets change our attitude as Kenyans. We are in a bad culture. A culture of division, individualism, selfishness, corruption, negative ethnicity, tribalism, nepotism, and political hatred. The government must work more on inclusiveness. The Uhuruto must prove that they can unite Kenya and reconstruct the nation. You really owe Kenyans an answer, and the list must come out. iT IS THE SOVEREIGNTY OF KENYA THAT WE ARE DEFENDING. We love Kenya and God bless Kenya and its leadership.
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