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The Best Cure of An Ailment is to Talk About It!

The fact that Kenyan leaders are talking about corruption is already a step forward in fighting it. It would be worse when people keep quite about it. It is a good sign that Kenyans will one day find the solution to corruption. It is also a sign that the general public see their suffering in relation to the grand corruption. Exposing the corrupt leaders in the media is already something great for Kenya. If you ask me to do SWOT analysis then I would tell you that this is both strength and opportunity. A country that does not speak about corruption is worse off. I am proud to be a Kenyan and to raise the flag of the same courage that makes us a people. Some Ugandans one day told me that the problem with Kenya is that people have too much freedom. I do disagree with this statement. If anything, what is happening in Uganda happened in Kenya almost 2 decades ago and we have learned how to respect our fundamental freedoms. You cannot get cured of a disease if really you are ashamed of it and you suffer from stigma. Kenyans are known to be open and ready to speak out. That is how Kenyans are doing away with stigma about corruption. It is by saying things by their real names that we get to know the truth about them. I congratulate my fellow Kenyans for patriotism and courage to shout at corruption.
In a years time, Kenyans will go to the poll to elect their leaders. It is right that they have started talking about the voters’ registration process and the question of the IDs. It is in place to tell corruption by its name. It is right that the anti-graft watch-dog is now probing the chicken-gate and so on. Each person should take responsibility both for action and inaction. This is our life and our country. The more we struggle to make it better, the better it is. God Bless Kenya!
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