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There is no clue as who shall win the war

The founders of the international law, Hugo Grotius, Gentili, and others had once said that in the state of war there is no victor and no vanguished, there are only the dead corpses. There is never a holy war or jihad. No war can be holy because it will only generate corpses. The culture of violence must change. Men and women must change their hearts and look at each other as the creation of God. Sooner or later each one of us will have to die but before this happens, what is wise is to live in peace. What is happening in the West Bank, Syria, and Yemen must stop. The time is now. There is no good person or bad person. We are all children of one Creator. Whether Israel or Palestine, each of them must embrace peace, Shalom. The culture of violence is a real disaster.
Humanity must be safeguarded. Why destroy what God has created? The worst war is that which is not visible. It is in the hearts and minds of men and women. It is the failure to forgive and reconcile. The warring people must learn how to forgive each other and reconcile. There will be no winner or losers at the end of this war but corpses.
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