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How to Tame International Delinquency

Terrorism acts have been worrying the world for quite some time. In some parts of the world terrorism has become a real threat of peace and security. The extent that the international community getting increasingly concerned with causes and individuals involved in terrorism is a sign in the right direction. It is necessary that the world superpowers act decisively against terrorism. It is important that the USA and Russia takes common stand on how to stop terrorist acts. What has transpired recently in the meeting between President Putin and Obama and the concerns of the members of the United Nations, show that terrorism shall not have chance to operate. Furthermore, the ICC shall not relent in its fight against impunity. The world court maintains its independence against the demands from the African Union to circumvent the principles and work of the court in favour of impunity. Any international crime should not be accorded any tolerance. Cases forwarded or handled by the International Criminal Court should not be interfered with by political powers. Criminal justice must be given its independence in order to tame impunity related with rogue governments. It is time that the global governance should show might in order to safeguard the humanity.

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