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Cybercrime a crime or not?

Ignorance is the mother of all evil
It is interesting to find out how the term crime is used in the ordinary language but also to realise that such language is getting into the legal use. Cyber is linked to the use of internet to connect to the world. Anybody anywhere in the world can link his computer with another computer in a world-wide web network. There is a lot of networking. Receiving information and communicating information has become very easy due to digital technology and especially the internet. The world has finally become a global village. It is wonderful to realize that messages cross over the globe faster than one could immagine some decades ago. Even people dwelling in the remote villages can receive and send messages to the world. This is very positive and a sign of new civilization. People can report crimes and situations of injustice without going to any police station. People can share their views easily and exchange very good ideas. It is also noteworthy to say that there is a lot of good business taking place through the internet. Marketing, purchasing and signing deals are now possible without much effort.
But what is really cybercrime? Why do we speak much of cyberwar and cybercrime today? Some individuals and groups may use the same internet to cause harm or infringe on others’ rights. Hackers have been known to be criminals. They can cleverly get into the network of a particular group and cause disasters. There is cyber theft, fraud and many other offenses going on. Cybercrime is a real crime. The offenders using internet to cause harm or violate certain rights, of course are held liable in law court.
The most common crime is violence against the integrity and dignity of other people using the digital technology. Of course, this is a crime. A crime occurs when someone feels offended by another for action or inaction. Such action or inaction can cause harm or damages. If found guilty, then one can be sentenced or compelled to pay for the damages, depending on the nature of the offence. The concern of this blog is, how many cyber users are aware of cybercrime? How many of social media users are aware of new laws regulating the IT sector? Indeed, very few people are aware of this new reality and how serious uncontrolled media can affect their profession and career. Due to fear of getting into problems, some simply avoid any information that may be harmful. We are ready to offer consultancies to bloggers and social media users on the new regulations and policies that governments have put in place to ensure that there is no anarchy in the cyberspace.
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