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Kenya has been struggling to focus on gender issues

Actually, it is very interesting to realize that whenever we speak of gender mainstreaming in Kenya we basically think about women versus men. Maybe the manner in which gender was introduced in the Kenyan system by civil society members was bending on femminism other than considering the contribution both men and women bring into the development strategies. Of course men saw this as a direct injection and started becoming adamant. Some women also see gender mainstreaming as empowering them and enabling them to dominate the society. Instead, gender issue is regarded as conflictual other than adding value.
This weblog is interested in the gender approach in Kenya. There is a reality that in Nyeri area in Kenya, some women have been mutilating their husbands’ genitals in a violent way, to teahc women a lesson. What lesson do they teach men? Is this what we should expect of gender? Is gender about women now over powering men or taking over leadership from men? Is is about fighting each other or finding the in-roads of how both man and woman can work towards common vision?
Gender mainstreaming in studies is about how to create in-roads. To ensure that men can understand and accept women respecting their human rights and role they play in development. Women should as well understand that men are not their enemies but complimentary components. It is more on good etiquette in development approaches. The idea of gender itself is good but was ill-presented by the NGOs to Africans. Gender equality, promoting human rights are both important tools to make our system work in a better way.
In Kenya, the idea of gender mainstreaming is still HAUNTING the Kenyan society. In some activities still some men do not accept that women can as well make contribution. It is all about the post-modern line of understanding things. But it should not be distorted…it should not mean that women will hate men and prefer promoting women in the system. I regret that we always rubbish our African roots whenever we tend to adopt new foreign ideas in our systems.
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