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Islamophobia and its risks today

As homophobia, islamophobia is fear related to Islam as a religion. Such fear is usually unsustainable in nature. Phobia is irresistable, irrational, inexplicable, obsessive fear of something one does not understand. It is more related to psychological anxiety disorder and sense of threat that one may not explain clearly. It can lead to serious conflicts or depression of some kind. This post is interested in openning a debate on islamophobia today. Whether there is such a thing as islamophobia, is still a question mark. Whether one is justified to speak about islamophobia is beyond this blog discussion. What I am interested in sharing is why shotodayuld one fear Islam? Islam is one of the world great religions after Christianity. Other religions such as Juddaism, Hindu, Budhaism and others are world well known religions. Certainly, how can one speak of fearing a religion? Is there anything to fear about a religion? For instance, is there anything to fear about Christianity, or rather, is there Chistianophobia? Is it homophobia or islamophobia?
Perhaps, history contains a lot of facts leading to some kind of fear of a religion such as jihadism. What makes people today speak of islamophobia is linked to the on-going conflicts and acts of violence around the world. For instance, Al-Qaeda is known to be founded on individuals who use religion as their basis to fight. The same is to Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and many others such as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The major target of such fighters is to target those who are not Muslims and Muslims who resist them. Or rather, they are called as jihadists or those who fight whoever is not converted to their religion and in this case, none Muslims. The recent attack on the University college in Garissa in Kenya demonstrated that the killers isolated Christians before killed them. In the bus attack in Mandera, the victims were to give some answers on Quran, the failure to do so, is the reason to kill.
Islamophobia is to say that the none Muslims tend to develop psychological fear of the unknown. The on-going fight in Syria and Iraq has been targeting Christians and their objects. The tomb of Jonah was bombed while many other cultural monuments related to Christianity have been destroyed in a shocking manner. In conclusion, islamophobia is fear based on the typology of terror and war against terror. A terrorist is a criminal and not a religious person.
For corrections, the fear is not about the religion but how some individuals have taken charge of a religion to carry out heinous crimes. Beheading of Christians and non Muslims is not about religion. It is a crime. It is one of the crimes against humanity that should not be linked to the idea religion. Religion is about God and there is no way the same God can decree the use of evil. Murdering a person is a crime and has nothing to do with God or any loving God. It is not realistic to speak of islamophobia as fear of religion. The best concept should be fear of terrorism – terrophobia other than islamophobia. Criminals have hijacked the religion but they are not the religion or its representatives. The best terminology should be homophobia or fear of individuals who have lost sense of humanity.
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