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Religion has been the conscience of human society – PART III

It is needless to say but any human society must have a spiritual component. From time immemorial religion has always played a great role in guiding the society of humans. Even the primitive traditional societies have a high respect for the supernatural reality. There is part of us that we cannot know. For instance, life after death and God. There are many mysteries surrounding the known world that sciences cannot tell us but religion comes in as the gap filler. Religion has always been considered the conscience of society. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the law allows priests and pastors to be paid by the tax payers money. They are on remuneration and it is illegal to solicit for money or use lie to get money from the faithfuls. The state considers that religion plays a big role just as any other civil society. The society without religion can be very dangerous indeed. People need ways through which they can identify themselves and give answers to uncertain questions and it would be unfair for the state to deny people freedom of worship.
Religion as an institution is a politically organized entity with rules and code of conduct. Even if the state laws cannot govern the sector of religion it is just within the common understanding that the religion should not also go against the state law. For instance, the clergy that has been caught with someone’s wife or sodomy of young boys by some religious cannot go unpunished because religion is an independent entity.
It has taken the Catholic Church several decades to admit that the wrongful acts of priests and the religious can be taken to civilian court and if found guilt, justice shall take its course. The say that God is for all of us and each person for himself is true. It is just correct to give to the state what rightfully belongs to state and to God what belongs to God. Never mixed or confuse the two.
If the state puts restrictions on certain conduct it is for the common good and it should be seen that way. If the sate insists that it is a requirement for one to qualify as a professionals so to serve the citizens better, it does not mean, the state wants to govern religion. If the constitution of Kenya disallows state religion, it means that no religion (Christianity or Islam) can claim any prevalence. But when it comes to demanding transparency, accountability, moral standards, and some rules, then it is the state to do it and not the religion. Freedom of worship is still intact and there is no interference…but excesses must be checked by the state otherwise there shall be an anarchy. The US has been respectful to Catholic Church until when some citizens went to court to complain about certain harms and offenses that left the victims either dead or psychologically disabled. The state would be wrong to tolerate immorality and crimes committed by the religious under the pretext of the freedom of religion. Christianity and Islam are two main religions with a lot of respect but both have been caught up in the wrong side of the law. One has allowed pundits and criminals to misuse religion for their own goals while the other has allowed the same. How many criminals use the name of God or Allah while committing their crime? Should that go unpunished?
The President has asked the Attorney General to consider involving the religious leaders in dialogue and shelve some parts of the regulations. Such stand may be politically engineered but the fact remains that the office of the AG must engage qualified and informed lawyers and scholars to shed light on the law.
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