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Linking terrorism to international disorder

Generally, and in a confusing manner, many people have linked international terrorism to religion. Now this theory can be dismissed since even religions are the victims of the same crime. Can we link the root causes of international terrorism with the global governance, law and order? This is the issue this blog page is interested in revealing in furtherance to researches on how to effectively deal with it.
Condolences to families, relatives and people who are being affected by terrorism on daily basis. Condolences to Nigeria, Somalia, Egypt, Kenya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Israel, and other sovereign states that have to bear the pain of terrorism today. There is high probability that those who chose to commit such crimes like murder and killing of the innocent are suffering from some imbalances in the international order. This theory reveals that those who join terrorist groups are not usually swayed by religious ideologies but they are reacting violently to certain trends in the world. For instance, the distribution of the wealth of the world, superpowers, human rights principles and its implementation procedures, cultural hegemony, and profiling other persons. Another theory is related to hopelessness among the middle aged persons. Another theory is that, there is radicalization and much lobbying by the actors and stakeholders of the crime. Another theory is that the United Nations and its Specialized agencies are not doing much to deal with the crime at a global level. Another theory is that the power of the states is being weakened and criminals and taking this advantage with impunity. The example is Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Libya where the statehood is fragile. Terrorist movements take advantage of a poorly performing statehood. There is now prediction that Statehood must be strengthened to deal with Transnational and national terrorism crimes.
It is not good news to hear of 150 innocent Nigerians have been killed by Boko Haram, or Fishermen from Egypt have been killed in Libya by ISIS or tourists have been killed in cold blood such as in Tunisia. It is big challenge to the conscience of the nations of how to deal with terrorism.
I personally impute this tragedy of our age to the fact that the world order is not performing properly. Religions are not playing their parts neither. International Community is also divided and lacks focus on serious issues such as terrorism. The fact is, there is a serious crisis and we cannot keep quiet.
This blog is my personal opinion and I ask my readers to put their comments so that we can build general public opinion on the crimes of terrorism.
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