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Where is justice for the poor in Kenya?

There is justice for the rich and injustice for the poor. A High Court Judge ordered a community of pastoralists in Kenya to hire 4 helicopters for the defendant to visit the grabbed land after filing a lawsuit. A court has ordered members of the Samburu community to fire four helicopters to transport the retired President Daniel Arap Moi and some officials to a disputed piece of land in Laikipia. Justice Lucy Waithaka of the High Court in Nyeri is quoted in this.
Who is seeking justice? It is the complainant. Who is to meet the expenditure, this does not come at the beginning but at the end of the case. Why should a law court abort justice? Who knows. Will the poor get justice in the law court? Never! Will the rich get away with their crime? This is obvious!
There is justice for the rich but injustice for the poor. All are not equal before the law. The Court system must be reviewed and judges must return to jurisprudence… the masses are losing confidence. The judicial discretion is abused. Why should a judge make an order that would favour the rich? Never dismiss the power of money. Never dismiss other factors in this case.
A woman of over 70 years of age was committed to serve years in jail in Migori when a stolen plastic chair was found in her heart. How many corrupt persons get acquitted of no wrong done? This is injustice for the poor.
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