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Private company can be effective anti-graft watchdog in Kenya

The fate facing the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in Kenya can possibly have a lasting solution. Instead of passing a Bill upholding part-time commissioners, the law makers should better consider going the UK and US way. There is much sense having a private and non partisan player to carry out the hot job other than constitutional commissioners and politicians. The reason being, Kenyan political elite always interfere with the fight against grand corruption. Once politics becomes the instrument to streamline the society, it is obvious, there will be many interest groups. It is unwise to make the plight facing NYS political. If we are truly Kenyans and we desire to have abetter Kenya, then there is no need for politicians making it their campaign tool. The projects initiated by Ms Anne Waiguru are visible and many youth are getting their livelihood. The argument is not to terminate the projects but to make them perform. If there is anything unethical and corrupt in the NYS then the law must take its course. As any other Kenyan, Ms Waiguru is not above the law and does not need any protection from the President either. She is like any other Kenyan. His Excellency, this is an acid test for your government and the best you can do is to respect the law and do the right thing.
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