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It would be too soon to celebrate…

EU Members are going to vote next month…what does this mean to all of us?

The war on terror is too far from over. The multiple bomb blasts in Sri Lanka capital Colombo, on the day of Easter for Christians on 21st April, 2019 has changed the narrative that terrorists are defeated. The war is far from over and it appears that those who are evil bent are not relenting soon. It is too soon for any world leader to celebrate the end of the war. President Trump ought to change his tone and listen to the rest of the world.

Many world leaders may not be in celebration mood yet. As North Korea and Iran are not at peace with USA and the superpowers are like clinging on the cold war, it would not work out as people think. The most likely thing is to threaten the solidarity within the UN and that would be the last doom. When the USA President congratulated the rebels in Libya, it did not send a good signal to peace lovers in the world. Despite the loss and damages any conflict would cost on the people, it is unfortunate for a world leader to support the vice. A UN recognised government in Libya should enjoy the support of the United Nations. The principle of solidarity should not be shaken.

The same applies to the Brexit politics in the EU. Nations have suffered in the past and the only thing that has saved them is the alliance and regionalism. United regions shall be strong and shall defend their integrity. The nations that prefer the exit for reasons best known to them may always appear weak. The spirity that brought about the UN in 1945 should be supported by all peace loving nations on earth. It is the only way to keep the enemy off and defeat ill intentioned individuals.

It is time for America to read the writings on the wall. Look at Venezuela and what it demonstrated. It demonstrated how divided the superpowers are. There is no common stand on issues affecting other nations. This division is not good and may not work well in the fight against terror. As much as we still believe that the American dream shall be a reality, we need precautions and get back to the track. When a regime is bad, we should say it is bad without lying to the world. America has stood as a defender of our democracy for many decades. Any turn against this principle shall only send wrong signals to the rest of the world.

The Paris Treaty on Climate Change has convinced many powerful nations. Mr. Trump rubbished it and declined to join the rest of the world. What does this mean to humanity? Is America still the superpower? Is the world centre of power shifting to China? Such are questions any rational being should ask.

The demo-Christian, or socialist ideology that has been very strong in Western Europe is threatened by the Far-Right politics. The Yeallow Vest in France are threatening the stability of the entire French system that has been holding for many as the best system. The same applies to Italy where the Far-Right Parties are in the government and the reality is getting to the extremism with hatred and anti-foreigners politics. Germany is still holding but no one can tell for how long. The May elections may tilt the narrative in Europe unless precautions are taken. The world has no choice but to speak in one accord against fear and the reign of terror!

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