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Kenya and Uganda Agreeing to do the impossible…

The assassinated leader Joseph Thomas Mhoya had a Vision but it was killed in 1969 by a bullet!

The agreement between the two governments to strike a deal on the inland port that should be at Naivasha contains more than meets the eyes. Who shall be the big beneficiary of the master plan? Remember that Uganda had planned to pull out from the LAPSET project some time back. Uganda was seeking an alternative root to import her most needed goods without using the Kenya territory. The President of Uganda stopped visiting Kenya for a period of almost 4 years. Now that he has come back, who knows what has changed his mind.

The use of Standard Gauge Railway to transport goods in containers from Mombasa port to Naivasha Port then to Malaba Port is a big a genda. It entails leasing a big portion of land in Naivasha to Uganda as a godown. The line shall proceed through Nakuru, Eldoret to Malava leaving Kisumu port or the former Port Florence in a cemetery of dead projects. The plan by Prof. Nyong’o to make lake Victoria navigable and revive Kisumu port with the help of the SGR is gone like that. Kisumu shall remain a neglected city on lake Victoria due to bad politics and conflict of interests. Some pundits thought that the HandShake shall revive the economy of Kisumu… The reality is another one and Kisumu dwellers must brace for hard times. The projection is to make the Great Rift Valley another economic target after Central but not Nyanza. \

There is gloom in the entire process and you will prove me wrong or right…wait and see if the miracle will happen.

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