On 1st June 2016, for the first time in the history of the nation that a national celebration has been conducted outside the capital. Whether it is constitutional or not is another question. What is of interest here is to investigate why has the President decided to take Madaraka Day to Nakuru? Is it for political mileage or not? Is it in good faith? What is the significance of Nakuru as compared to Mombasa or Kisumu? The President knows better.
The opposition leaders decided to celebrate their Madaraka Day in Nairobi at Uhuru Park, a decision that almost created stalemate in Kenya. But is there law prohibiting celebration of Madaraka in Kenya by Kenyans or specifying how it should be celebrated? The High Court ruled that it is not constitutional for the government to ban any type of meeting or gathering on Madaraka Day at Uhuru Park or anywhere. It is a celebration that requires soberness and joy. The government had threatened to react severely against the opposition including arresting whoever tries to gather in Nairobi. Such protests organized by the opposition, CORD have been encountered with violence from the police. Tear gas and water have been used including shooting some protesters dead atorvastatin calcium 40 mg. Hon. Nkaissery, the Minister of Interior declared violence against the opposition against the constitution and human rights.
However, the meeting of the opposition leader former PM Raila Odinga at Uhuru Park on the national day is also unique and embarrassing. The meeting is feared to create two centers of authority and this has annoyed the MPs in government. This is a decision that forced the President to invite the leader of the Opposition urgently at State House on 31st May 2016 for consensus.
This scenario in the Kenyan democracy is not unique. It is a sign that there must be respect also for the minority in the opposition. The imposition of the majority in Parliament has created clear division in the country. Opposition members feel left out in policies and decisions that affect the nation. The government rejected request to dialogue or to engage with the opposition. Failure to dialogue and to recognize the opposition is what has brought about stalemates. CORD decided to go on with protests against the electoral body despite the thwarts from the government.
According to you is the government justified or not? Share!
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