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Kenya is perfecting deceptive culture anyway

Deception is as old as human society. That means, deception or telling lies has become a way to define our social relationships. Some people tell lies to win the confidence or persuade their listeners to believe in them. Some tell lies as a joke or to defraud others. Some tell it to enterntain their audience. Some have perfected deception as a profession and away of appearing innocent in public.
It is in Kenya that no political leader will voluntarily resign if found guilty of corruption offences. Those who have been asked to step aside have done but with bitterness. Telling lies instead of truth is defining the Kenyan culture.
Unless, as a people we will reject deceptive behaviour and embrace truth, the fight against corruption will remain deeply stuck in our culture. Children today will learn from elders that telling lies is good and is not an offence. Children watching their elders in TV being mentioned on corruption then see them coming home comfortably may not learn the difference between lies and truth.
It is in Kenya that even professionals and persons with high ranking positions will admit that deception is good. Giving and taking bribes is good. Swindling public funds for personal interests is good. This is coupled with impunity, arrogance, and serious exclusion of the media coverage. This is a wrong precedent Kenyan leadership has set and it is there to hang-on for quite some time. For some time, Kenyans will cheat in auditing reports, in accountability of lost funds, and use law to protect the culture. The justice system likewise, will mirror what is in the society and within the minds of Kenyans. Stealing public money or vandalising common utilities is believed to be normal and necessary evil. Deception is taken as means to justify the end but not as an end in itself.
What makes matters worse is when even religion has given up on ethical standards. There is no soul in the Kenyan society and I am afraid that if this trend perpetuates, deception will fully become an acceptable practice.
If politicians have failed to pump into the society some morals and ethics, we expect business to commit itself in social responsibility. If businesses also turn blind eyes to the evil, then civil society should be the only hope. But if civil society is also participating in the social evil then, am sorry, we only have the Act of God as some brilliant English lawyers had said. Kenya needs Divine intervention. But if the nation also gags religion and use prayer rallies for personal selfish gains, then, forgive me, Kenya might become Sodomo and Gomorrah of the Bible. Devil fearing nation and totally immoral and unethical society on earth. This shall bring bad laws, lose system, and disregard to public morality. Kenya will start seeing same sex marriages allowed by law. Young persons will lose touch with legal and moral values. The gate to hell will open up. It is the beginning of the end.
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