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How Kenya fought its way out of the international criminal court (ICC)

The on-going process of the ASP taking place at The Hague is accorded with strong petition from the Government of Kenya. Hon. Duale, Ambassadors Amina and Rachelle Omamo are the powerful international negotiators to convince the Assembly of the State Parties in The Hague to review the Rule 68 and possibly to call the ongoing Kenyan cases at the ICC to a halt.
On the side of the Prosecution, such move shall interfere with the independence of the court, vis-a-vis, the integrity of the international judicial process. Kenya has a right to present its issues as a state party to the Rome Statute. What keeps everybody wondering why is Kenya so disturbed with Rule 68? What is so special in this rule if the ICC is issuing new arrest warrants to Kenyans who interfere with witnesses? This is setting the judicial body to a panic mode.
The court’s independence is paramount and no state party should interfere with it. Another weighty question is on impunity and how the court has been dealing with it TILL NOW. However, such reactions from states such as Kenya should not be so peculiar in criminal processes. It is in the wisdom of the ASP to deal with the Kenyan concern with care… for any decision can bring consequences to the ICC. Now the petition of Kenya has been referred to the Bureau of the ASP to re-examine its merit.
The interest in this story: Why is Kenya in a panic mode? What is so special about Rule 68? Who is interfering with witnesses? And why? Kenya still should prove to the international community that she is committed in the works of the court and is also doing the same within its domestic jurisdiction.
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