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Division of labour is recommended for the Kenya’s economy

Once upon a time, Adam Smith, an English economist predicted the division of labour. Later, in the 19th Century, a German sociologist, Weber, predicted the importance of division of labour. These thinkers were not wrong at their own times. They had a strong message to send to their societies. Even today, their words are still vivid in our society. It is now time Kenyans must enact laws that will deal with division of labour in order for the economy to perform. I am not a prophet but a thinker.
A politician must only play the role of leadership as enshrined in our Constitution. The role of a politician is critical and very much needed. The legislator must only deal with legislation and making of laws. The executive must only deal with running the government, making policies and guiding the country towards its aspirations and goals. The judiciary must only interpret laws, adjucate cases, and administer justice. If all these people in the government are also the investors, business owners, land owners, farmers, and managers of big companies, you can expect the outcome of all this.
It is saddening how politicians grab the pulpit and preach to the people who gather to worship as though they are priests, pastors, bishops or imams. It is likewise dangerous for spiritual leaders to behave as though they were the politicians. Some pastors or Church leaders have lost completely their spiritual role to guide the people towards the Godly things. They run businesses, make profit, own farms, and play politics.
It is in Kenya that Head of state is also number business owner. It is in kenya, politicians own and determine business outcome. What do you expect in a society where there is no division of labour? Total crisis. What is happening with Kenya Airways, was destined to occur and much more will still follow. The Mumias Sugar Company has just had its fair deal in this mess. The same managers became governors to manage the public good. What do you expect? Total chaos.
Managing a country as though it is a personal business has been the undoing for Kenyans. Politicians are not the best business managers. The best business managers are not the best politicians. The best spiritual leaders are not the best business managers and vice versa. Remember what was said by wise men and women – one man one job. There is no way, the same person can be in all careers and professions. What will the others be doing? Let academics do the intellectual work and pay them what they merit. Real professors are not the best in politics and we have seen this in Kenya. Wole Soyinka is a Nobel Prize Winner in Literature and excellent intellectual and son of Nigeria but he has never been successful in politics. In Kenya, Professor Nyong’o, Prof. Olweny, Prof. Kivutha Kibwana and many others have not been very successful politicians. They belong to a different career. It is right to consider regulations that will ensure that one must concentrate on his or her profession. Mixing of jobs is the cause of greed and corruption in Kenya. In the same manner, a pastor, whose role is to guide the society morally and spiritually is the most immoral, is just leading his followers to darkness.
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