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Lifestyle is changing as the middle class expands

Many Kenyans are now embarking on traditional food. As supermarkets are inflated with imported food from Asia, Europe and elsewhere, many Kenyans are becoming very careful with lifestyle diseases. There is more liking for posho made from fingermillets, sorghum, vegetables grown organically, and using hands instead of utensils. What was seen sometime back as bad table manners is now emerging to be a new lifestyle. Reasons leading to this is pegged on new foreign diseases known generally as lifestyle pathologies. GMO products are full in the supermarkets and many people end up developing strange illnesses such as cancer, hypertension, obesity, glaucomia, diabetes and many others. Most of such diseases are new to local Africans. People were used to organically grown food crops and there was too little of french fries, sausages and so on.
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  1. It is also worth noting that most of these traditional food crops are a more adapted to the local harsh environments than the exotic ones. Hence, they might hold the key to elimination of food insecurity for Africa.

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