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Law Protecting Rights of Idiots & Imbeciles

The Penal Code CAP 63 of the laws of Kenya prohibit any act that may contravene the rights of idiots and imbeciles. In Kenya, it is still common to find sane persons violating the rights of persons with disabilities. Mental disabilities are very common. Such men and women with such mental cases are not attended to and in many cases, are left on their on. Some sex pests take advantage and intentionally have carnal knowledge. Some end up having babies whose life is a real misery. Besides the law acting ruthlessly with men who rape mentally disordered persons, it is also necessary to have moral sense of care. Sick members of society must be treated with some care and concern. In Kenya, psychopaths are usually left on their own or chained. It is unethical to mistreate any person who for bad luck has lost his or her mental control. The State should show more care and concern. Rights of psychopaths and all other mentally disordered persons must be under the safeguard of the state. This should not be absolutely left to the Penal Code or Criminal Procedures Code and other Acts of Parliament, but the state must be under obligation to provide care for them.
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