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Legislative Approach in Fighting Corruption Not Efficient

The Republic of Kenya is a bona fide signatory of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and the African Union Convention on Preventing
and Combating Corruption, 2003. The Republic of Kenya is one of the states hit very hard by the economic crimes and challenges on how to implement the law. Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act has been enacted in Kenya and there is a statutory body known as EACC. The Kenyan Constitution of 2010 is considered one of the most progressive books of law. The Kenyan Judiciary is among the most stable judicial bodies in East Africa with able judges, magistrates and lawyers. Kenya has other crime detective bodies, regular police, CID and NIS. Despite all these bodies of law, corruption in Kenya stands out to be one of the most complicated challenges to deal with. Its roots are very deep. Adding the word Ethics on Anti-Corruption shows that there is more to do with code of ethics than just bodies of law.
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