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Let’s get it right this time Round

When I said Kibaki Tosha it worked and now I declare handshake and it has to work! Will the king maker become the king?

No nation on earth is perfect. Even USA has its own flaws even if it champions democracy on earth. Even UK has its flaws although it has been the last empire of the 20th Century. We live in a world of no state commands another and no state can dictate on the other. In the era of liberalism and free markets the reality is that every state, despite the fact that UN is the uniting power, remains liberal and free to do the right thing.

I do believe that Kenya can as well get it right this time round. If Rwanda is a show-case and Ethiopia is waking up very fast, why not Kenya? India is breaking the record in emerging nations on earth while South Korea and Brazil are one of the superpowers come up very fast. There is a tilt in the Big 7 which are now the G20. Kenya can as well make it to be on top there. Our problem is one – Poor Governance and Corrupt Leadership. It is true that so much fund is lost to the so called corrupt leaders. Who does not know them? Stealing has been regarded as one of the values in Kenya and such big thieves become governors and even MPs and people vote them. What is not happening in this part of the world? Why can’t we copy from Ethiopia or from Rwanda? As a people we need to address many issues especally Chapter 6 of the constitution. Something is not adding up. Numbers are not adding up and the clock is ticking.

This is food for thought and please read and make your comments…

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