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Life is a process not an event…!

As much as we insist on education there is persistence in questioning the quality of education today. We live in the age of knowledge. Globalization process is making access to knowledge much easier than before. It is no longer a privilege for schools to impart knowledge to students. Many people today can access knowledge but what is this knowledge?

Quick and easy access to information and to disseminate such information through social media platforms and networks does not mean that the people today have orderly knowledge about things. The process is affecting particularly the students today. There is more need for professional knowledge other than knowledge for life. For instance, the majority of the youth today have dreams about quick wealth, better lifestyle, and other material things other than values that come along with life. Quick and easy knowledge through internet has made many learners lazy and feeble minded than before. The brain is tuning to the screens of the laptops and smart phones to access information of all kind. The mind-set is also transforming faster than one would imagine.

The worry is about the quality of internet acquired knowledge. Partly we appreciate the innovations and creativity in the digital technology and science. However, it is scaring to find out that not many young persons are not trained on how to utilize such information. Africa is badly hit by this globalization process. There is education for quick survival and nothing about education for life.

Education for life refers to the knowledge acquired in ordinate manner. Traditional schools are meant to inculcate both cognitive knowledge and mentorship to young persons. However, many schools have no time for extra-curriculum activities that usually complement academic activities. Schools are more of commercial engagement that make students take life as only business. Education system in the Republic of Kenya is one of the examples among many. School leavers and many graduates fail to sustain their dreams after schools or university programmes. So many graduates in Kenya fail to cope up with the modern innovative trends and fail to get the employments of their dream. If they do, then the quality is in doubt. This failure can be attributed to globalization trends that are not put under serious national debates. Instead, national debates are fully about politics of the day whose scope has nothing to do with education for life.

Lets look at our reality with critical eyes!

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