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Africa must address its political direction carefully

It is formidable that Presidents Kagame, Museveni, Nkurunziza and Kabila are following the foot steps of the Chairman of the African Union, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbambwe. Changing the law to suit the sitting president’s term in office is becoming a wrong precedent in the African Region. The interest in this blog is to discuss how African leaders are falling away very fast with democracy turning political power into a personal business. We need to find out why.
In Kenya, the first president died in office then followed by an elected president. The second President Daniel Arap Moi ruled for 24 years then the opposition leaders introduced multiparty democracy which ousted him. He was followed by an elected President Kibaki who left office when his constitutional 2 terms in office was over. President Uhuru Kenyatta was elected by the people and is doing his first term in the office. He will be qualified to run for his second term in 2017 and if he will win, then he will do his last term. In 2022, President Uhuru Kenyatta must leave the office in respect to the constitution of Kenya and another candidate will be elected.
Why other Heads of State are doing whatever possible to frustrate the opposition and influence the MPs to circumvent the law to suit their love for power is not a good precedent. Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon, Burundi, Zimbabwe and DRC must be told to respect the rights of people. They must respect the constitution, the rule of law and human rights. It is in constitutionalism that Africa will develop into the desired level.
Libya had the same criterion. The conviction of its leader that revolutionist does not quit office but must die in office is very wrong and not in the spirit of constitutionalism. There is nothing African leaders are teaching the youth and future leaders about democracy whenever they turn to be demagogues. In this sense, I still doubt if President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda is the right person to teach the Burundians about democracy and constitutionalism. I wonder if a blind man can lead another blind without both of them falling into a deep ditch.
In the demagogy certain group of powerful individuals become demagogues and hold the sitting president in hostage. They condititionally force him to stick to power. In such situations, some African leaders are held hostages by very powerful persons that are not known in politics but who manage and own the economy. Such demagogues sometimes are organised in a mafia like groups and their aim is to put one on power and ensure that he always acts in their interest. In this case, there is no democracy in such countries but pure demagogy.
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