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Literary work of Dr. Margaret Atieno Ogola

Not so many are willing to do what she did! Lets live by her examples! Reading is the best weapon in fighting ignorance.

How Dr. Margaret A. Ogala became one of the most popular novel writers in Kenya! The River and the Source has inspired so many readings across the world. Actually, the late Dr. Ogola did not only inspire so many but became the true ambassador for the rights of the girl child. Lucy Kamau in her published article – “Place of women in society and other themes in The River and the Source” has highlighted what would have not been known by many lovers of African literature. The book is thought to be feminist for elevating women’s acts of courage in a traditional setting, yet it has more important messages for humanity as it is today. She depicts women as important members of the society.

The author focus also on the values of hard work, determination and resilience. This blog approves the work of Dr. Ogola by reiterating that women in leadership should make Africa much better than their male counterparts. Women have a sense of community, love, and integrity in many ways. The book does not only speak about change, loss and suffering that define African woman in the traditional society. It captures religion, family relations, love, education, the place of women, tradition and conflict.

Reading from this book it appears that marriage takes centre stage in the author’s heart. The book explains how marriage was and its recent transformations in the modern society. It addresses also the discrimination against women. It handles very well and with eloquence social changes that we find very relevant with the modern society.

The book is written in simple prose that makes the reading easier for all ages. School children find the book easy to follow and the story very interesting to understand. The words used are simple and realistic. The author does not look for sophisticated ideas but sticks to what is factual and realistic. She narrates it in a vivid manner.

Remember that Dr. Ogola was a medical doctor who developed great interest in putting her stories in a book. She is an inspiration for so many of us who would like to express knowledge into writing. Now Dr. Ogola is a legend for most of us that would have not known her had it not been her literary work. I remember her as my successor as the National Director of Kolping International Organization in Kenya in June 2008. I do appreciate her diligence and hard work. I pray for her and her family. Let her spirit inspire many other young people to love literature! (12 June 1958 – 21st September 2011)… Married to Dr. George Ogola and left 4 wonderful children and foster children. You made us all proud of our history!

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