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Living positively like a baobab

One of the most revered indigenous trees in Africa is Baobab. It looks as though it is inverted tree with its roots up in the air. Remember, this type of tree is found in semi arid areas. It survives harsh climate and changes in weather patterns. This is being resilient and living positively.

Precisely, we should all live positively. Acknowledge your challenges in life. Admit that you are mortal and you can only do justice to yourself by living honestly and equitably with other mortals.

Never make your life difficulties bog you down. After all, no mortal is perfect. Each person must have one or many issues that must be fixed. In case you cannot fix something bothering you, live it all to the Almighty God.

We must learn how to cope up with challenges every time they occur to us! Never be like a son who loved his dad so much that he could not imagine him dead. The day his old father collapsed and died, he wept until he suffered heart attack. He also died before his father was buried. The entire family members were devastated as the mourners had to mourn two mortals instead of one.

Learn how to accept life realities and be at peace with other mortals. Forgive and reconcile!

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