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Might makes right is not right

It is now correct to argue that teachers in Kenya are dealt with ruthlessly using the principle of “might makes right“. The government is now showing its muscles to unarmed teachers. But teachers are staying put – “No cheque no chalk”. The government is in contempt of court orders in declining to pay the teachers the lawful increment of 50-60%. Going again to court to accuse teachers without respecting the court order is not honest. It is sad to see the situation in which teachers find themselves and their noble profession. “Teaching” is not the worst. Why the government looks at teachers as the wretched on earth is an act of ignorance and negligence. A teacher is like any other professional that the State respects. Forcing teachers to go to the streets then threatening them with sacking is not honest. It is not constitutional nor in respect of human rights. A teacher is a servant and must be treated within the principles of human rights and international standards that the government of Kenya upholds. I wonder where this world is heading to…! No the Head State and Government must say something…!
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