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Migration Worries Europe More Than Globalization & Brexit

African Countries are less bothered with their citizens crossing into Europe:

Whether we call the crisis in Syria and Europe as a problem of migration or refugee is not of essence now. What is critical is humanitarian disaster in the region. It is now a threat to stability of Germany and other European countries on how to deal with the crisis without provoking tensions in terms of xenophobia. It is not easy for the international community to convince Turkey to accept to host some refugees. Another critical danger is how to send Syrian refugees to other parts of the world which is not of their choice. Such action shall be translated into rendition and forceful deportation and transportation of persons which is illegalized by the Rome Statute. The crisis is bigger than what we see in the international media news. As emigrating Syrians are crossing borders, some European states such as Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and others are considering closing their borders. One Afghanistan refugee was short dead while crossing the walls.
This blog story is meant to asks questions on how best the world should deal with the crisis? Persons that are moving into Europe in fear of persecution and armed conflicts in Syria are selective of where to seek refuge. The flow of refugees is causing unprecedent tensions within the European Union. Winter is also at the door step while so many persons are exposed to humanitarian disaster.
I really wonder why AU region is silent about this crisis? Why is Africa not interested in what is happening? Politicians are not discussing this situation as African states are waiting to see what will happen.
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