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Migration and refugee laws are still problematic

Since the time I was born Africans have been struggling to cross-over to Europe either by water or by air. Europe has not been accommodative and many migrants have lost their dear lives or get deported home due to strict regulations to enter Europe. VISA conditions and rules are prohitive and hard to attain. The alternative is to use illegal means to get into Europe. Illegal Migration. What I do wonder is how comes African powers and authorities are not interested in this serious matter? Why are the governments in Africa and the Commission of the African Union silent on the on-going brain- drainage and deaths of Africans abroad? This weblog is interested rahter in discussing some pertinent insights concerning this problematic situation facing the European Union.
Never forget that Africa was once colonised by European powers. This is a historical fact. The European imperialists realised that colonization would be short-lived and admitted the defeat. Thanks to the United Nations and the efforts made by its predecessor on abolishing colonialism. Thanks to the founding fathers of human rights whose contribution speeded up decolonization process in Africa. Actually, it was not that the Africans fought so hard to send Europeans home.
After devastating political and military colonization of Africa, Europe went ahead and recolonized Africa culturally. Languages united the African region are all European. Technology that is revolutionizing the large continent is from Europe. Industrialization is from Europe. Education system is from Europe. Guns and lithal weapons are imported into Africa from Europe. Furthermore, when Africa is dying of hunger or diseases, eyes turn to Europe as the solution. African nationalists were all cultured in Europe.
After evaluating the pedigree of emigration from Africa into Europe, there is no doubt that any thinking person will not put into discussion the cross Mediterranean migration plights. It is as though Africa is laughing at Europe. It is as though Europe is not seeing the big problem underlying the migration syndrome.
However, as bloggers we are more interested in challenging the obvious. If really we claim that Africa is independent and has sovereign governments, then we should not shy away from what our sons and daughters are doing to the neighbours. Africa must protect its reputation. A home in which members are not enjoying equal treatment will be a divided home. Africans tend not to love their fellow Africans enough. Migrants are citizens of nations. What makes one decide to run away? Why do migrants tend to escape problems in their own nations? What can make a person take all the risks to cross the deadly Mediterranean Sea? What for? What is the person running away from?
There is something ugly in Africa. The same Africans have become colonizers of their fellow brothers and sisters. It is in Africa where the rich will not think of assisting the poor. For instance, in Kenya, there are many rich people and families including noble families. None of them shall dream of sharing wealth with the poor, not even a piece of land. An African noble family is worse than any monarchism in Europe. Many Africans tend to shy away from those with problems. For instance, in Kenya, the welfare state is dead. There is no social welfare when it comes to the rich helping the poor. Thanks for the SACCOS that have tried to avert the situation. Too little is being done to assist the poor.
Credits go to the First Lady, Her Excellency, Margret Kenyatta. Her effort to fund-raise and support the poor is already excellent. But this is just a drop in the ocean. She is just inspired to run and raise funds to support projects. This has made her known and respected in Kenya. She has a heart for the poor and the downtrodden. The African Union has little space to think of socio-economic problems and social injustice ailing the continent. Africans fear the unkown! THE BEST KILLERS OF AFRICA ARE THE AFRICANS…!
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