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Moral decadence in the 21st Century

There is no element of doubt that the world has flipped so many years back in terms of morality. It is also true that the blame is not on USA passing the GLBT law and President Obama promoting same-sex marriage, or, the Human Rights Commission is defending individuals with such sexual orientation. Both the President and the nation are just victims of a bigger monster. This weblog is more interested in revealing the monster of the 21st Century.
From time immemorial, nations had space for religion as the moral guide. The Federal Republic of Germany went as far as remunerating religious and spiritual leaders for the role they play in making society better. In every society there must be some authority concerned with our moral life other than authorities telling us that money is everything. There is no God but money is the god. So, the elders also were respected people for their wisdom and words of experience. Powerful leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, just to mention few, had a place for God in their heart.
Unfortunately, this is no more. The world has lost values and morals. What a youth may speak of is, me and my work. What matters is how much I still keep in bank, or what do you benefit from in terms of material world. So I can say that Karl Marx of the 19th Century had a point to make against Mr. Adam Smith and his theory of capitalism. Even though Marx condemned religion, a belief that made him lead a miserable life in Europe until his death as a poor and simple thinker in some corners of London, he was against capitalism. Capitalism has made us mere instruments of gains. We have become mere objects or rather, tools for capitalists that make benefit out of our labour. Labour has estranged man from himself totally. To some length Marxism is going to be revived in the 21st Century.
Religion went astray by commercializing the institution. Young generation of today does not tell the difference between a corporate body and a Church. By and large, Churches are not taxed due to the moral and spiritual services they are supposed to render to society. They tell people about after life. They tell people to honour God. They tell people about God’s wrath with sinners. But on the other hand, their leaders do not beieve in the Church. Bishops, Cardinals, Prophets, Imams, Sheikhs, name them, live immoral life. Some are fraudsters, some are trafficking women, some are encouraging prostitution, some are money lovers and make lots of wealth from worshippers. For instance, in Kenya, some section of Christian Churches came up with a project of planting the seed and asked their followers to pay even through mobile financial services. Some crooks who failed in society just bought the bible in the street and mastered how to speak in tongues. Now most of them are very rich people driving in expensive cars and living in cozy estates such as Runda. Some even turned to devil worship to confuse simple minds even more. Some, who were known to be celibates for life keep mistresses and sire children just as any other believer in the Church. It is tormenting to see that religion has gone astray as such. Islam has been one of the rapidly growing religion but not without stains. Terrorists have hijacked it. The traditional Catholic Church has been also the centre of trouble in this Century. The clergy are not allowed to marry but they have sex and women. Some even sire children and steal Church money to maintain them. Bishops are not clean neither. Some have stolen Church wealth openly making their flock even more confused. Where is morality? Where are values? Is there room to speak of God? How will religion correct the society? Who will tell politicians that corruption is bad? Not the religious leadership nor the judiciary. Of course, there are no more values left other than individualism. Capitalism has made it possible that individualism becomes the order of the day. I and my conscience. That is all I need in life. Beyond this, there is nothing. Nothing here means secularization and atheism.
The generation of the youth today is faced with strong atheism, materialism, and ammoral world. A world of physical sciences. The truth is what I can prove. Nothing to do with belief or morality. It is a positivist world. There is no much trust in the Natural Law theory and the belief in the divine law anymore. Some crooks take this chance to preach devil and kill innocent people. The Islamic Caliphate and its wrath is convincing its followers that it has the solution to their moral and spiritual problem. Today we hear of innocent persons being beheaded. Human beings getting into suicide in order to kill others, the so called, infidels. ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab are emerging as non religious and ammoral movements due to lack of morality and value standards in the 21st Century.
It is the reality today that men and women who have lost faith in religion, in the world financial systems, and in morality, are simply recruited in the ideology that preach “the power of Satan”. It is true. This is where the problem lies. Terrorism shall not be tamed by throwing missiles but by restoring morality and having knowledge of God back.
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