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Morality and new criminality in Kenya

It is noted that in Kenya the rate of crimes is climbing. Domestic violence is taking another challenging shape as women turn against their spouses in Nyeri and the type of offenses they commit are disturbing human conscience. It is now in the public domain that Nyeri women mutiliate the private organs of their spouses over petty quarrels. It is also true that human society in general has lost moral conscience as Islamic State movement is beheading its victims in a manner that shows the absence of wisdom and morality.
It is noteworthy that from time immemorial, our grand parents have had values to live for. We are aware that the relationship between a man and a woman has some moral rules that generations have upheld. Today we all speak about human rights as though this is to be a universal canon for all humans. It is noted that as much as we insist on universal rights there are also relativists who believe that certain rights cannot be generalized. Human rights justice is also to consider the principle of fairness. It is just to be fair and respect the rights of others.
It is just to add that we need balanced society and morality should not be rubbished by those who believe in positivism. We are also moral beings and it would be a crime to do away with our values.
The constitution of Kenya has been named as one of the most progressive laws. It is premised on the values and heritages of the Kenyan people. Actually, the first provision stipulates that the sovereignty of the state is with the Kenyan people. Such subjects concerning our history, our sociology, customary law, and ethics, must re-define what we are and what we want to be. Domestic violence and certain heinous crimes come because we want to do away with morality. The same opposers of morality are the killers of religion and values. What will remain is ruin like in Sodom and Gomorrah.
This blog is a message to men and women in leadership positions. They are the guiders of the society. They must steer the society to the right direction.
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