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It is not a crime to be a person with disability and Kenya must learn

Remember the story on albinism not a crime was done around the story of Mr. Enock in Vihiga County. He was attacked by those who wanted to sell his body in Tanzania. After fatally injured, he succumbed to injuries. He was killed because he was albino. This is the society we live in. This sad story is really hurting and painful. It is wrong to claim that we are civilised or rather, we are getting civilised. Not any soon. Until, honestly, we will learn how to respect and uphold human rights. As we expect justice to take its course, we must condemn any attack on persons. Kenyans must learn that money is not everything. Yes, we can trade in animals meat but not human flesh. Being born albino is not a crime. I repeat, we are born free and with dignity. The death of Jamenya should be taken as an eye openner.

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