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Mugabe fate and how to remove a dictator from power

When things fall apart and you are no longer at ease, you can only pray for the arrows of God!

The month of November 2017 gave news highlights on Zimbabwe. Robert Gabriel Mugabe, a 93 year old liberator turned a dictator had to ship out of power after 37 years following merciless sacking of his vice president. What really might have persuaded the mighty Mugabe to make such self-incriminating decision? Actually he had never dreamed of quitting power even for one minute! Mugabe had turned to be a ruthless dictator and a man that nobody could remove from office through ballot. He rendered his fierce rival Morgan Changarai a persona non gata in Zimbabwe. He humiliated him and proved that no opposition leader can unseat a sitting president and the freedom fighter.

Mugabe had vilified his peers including the late Nelson Mandela for being weak to leave power and to forgive the Whites. He believed in himself and the tyranny of the military confidence. Little did he know that the forces were disappointed by his push to have his beloved sweet heart, Mrs Grace Mugabe succeed him. This was a joke taken too far and Mnanagwa, the deposed vice president was not amused at all. With the favour of the forces the military whose former commanders are the senior ZANU PF leaders had realized that the wife of Mugabe was now taking power for granted. They resolved to get the country into the right path by sidelining the so called the criminals around the leader. Their anger was not against Mugabe nor the good people of Zimbabwe. They were pushed to the corner by the ambitions of Grace, the iron lady who had become tough on her opposers in the ruling party. She even assaulted some women in South Africa. The aging Mugabe gave in to the demands of Grace just like the Bible story of Queen Jezebel the wife of King Ahab. Little did he know that his days are counted and the end was drawing closer.

The good Mugabe had done was obscured by the ugly scenario of dictatorship and firing leaders at  will. If Mugabe is to show any regret then the wife was the cause of his sad down-fall. The lesson is that the military forces can as well bring political and civil changes without any bloodshed. Even if Mr. Mugabe is widely honoured this may not apply to his wife Grace. African rulers suffer from dynasty and they run state affairs as personal affairs. Museveni of Uganda is another one. Paul Biya of Cameroun and others are now worried of what the military is capable of doing.

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