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Nairobi City in the Sun…

Too high temperatures over here guys!

Nairobi is the capital city of the Republic of Kenya. It has attracted so many tourists and locals. It is a centre for job hunters, hustlers, and anybody who wants to smell a city. However, of late, the environment of Nairobi is becoming over stressful for dwellers. delapidated streets with iron bars bending and manholes left open. Walking in this city is a big stress. No rules for motorists and motorbike riders who use any direction. There is no respect for pedestrians and worse still, no allocated zones for persons with disability in the city in the sun.

It is now that Nairobi is a city in the sun. Too much confusion, air pollution, uncontrolled noise from vehicles, insecurity and thugs. Down-town is an area known as third world. Too many beggers and fraudsters. Walk at your own risk. There are red corners with open prostitution and all bad things. The so called city council police or Kanjo are as corrupt as any person in uniform. Some thugs pose as workers of the City Council yet they are just thugs and they can hold their victim at any hour of the day…it depends on your fate.

The government of Dr. Evans Kidero tried its best but failed to leave legacy. Hon. Sonko won and took over the leadership of Nairobi. He is running out of time. To some point he clainmed to govern Nairobi from his villa in Machakos when he felt he was threatened by cartails in the city. He was a fierce critique of the former governor but he is now even getting it all wrong and worse. He cannot control the city management and keep the thugs off the streets. His regime is making the city in the sun a city in hell.

What shall save the beauty of the city? Who knows? Watch out while walking down town. You can either be knocked down by motorists, motorbikes, tuk-tuk riders, or even another fellow pedestrian. The stress is mounting in all sectors as Nairobians demonstrate a sign of being over stressed. Life in Nairobi is good for some classes of people but the poor class living in dirty slums have no much hope but to defend their own rights.

Nairobi has designed plans lying in the governors office but are not implemented. Each governor feels that he has to start from somewhere wich is not there. The ego of the governor is spoiling all for Nairobi. Whatever his predecessor did appears to be bad and he has to come up with his own. Can he now control the traffic? How about the Matatu parkings? We all got it wrong and there is nothing happening in the County of Nairobi. The so called MCAs are all part of the problem as they only take their share but do too little to keep the executive in check.

It is very sad here! Life is crucial and you must only believe in your God if you have any. Even the security forces are not trust worthy as they seem to collude with the thugs. Fraudsters are getting smarter day by day. Some pose to be very luxuriant individuals while theyy con other innocent people lots of money and assets. It is all wrong.

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