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Nairobi is slowly evolving into one of the most dangerous cities in the world

Little is said about how the city in the sun is evolving very fast into one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Nairobi used to be the paradise for tourists, local residents and leaders from other parts of Africa. Taking leisure walk was much better ten years ago. Trusting people you meet on the street was very easy. Speaking and socializing with people you meet was very easy. Today do not attempt. There are dangerous thugs ready to pounce on anybody on the street even during the broad day light. They make you believe that they are agents of the city council, known as Kanjo. They are not in uniform. They show fake and improvised ID to show that they represent an authority. After alighting from motobike or any taxi in the city, they can tell you that you have broken some parts of the municipal regulations and threaten you with fine of 20 K, meaning 20,000 Kenya shillings if they take you to police station. These people are around Gill House, Bible House, Bomb Blast and Kenya Cinema. They make lots of money by frauding passerby’s. It is sad that no any police is concerned with this new form of thuggery. The County Government is not interested neither. They even jump on people answering phones while walking and scare them that they have broken the by-law of the County.
This blog story is interested in asking whether the government or any authority in charge is bothered with security of Kenyans? This situation has made people abbandon the CBD and most of the night clubs that used to make money through night life in Nairobi are forced to close down their businesses. Many residents now prefer doing their things closer home, meaning, in the Estates which they used to hate. Driving back late at night is very dangerous in Nairobi. Thugs pose as police and demand money from their victims. This is Nairobi. Avoid it when you can. Never risk. Better spend in an hotel other than risking your life. Too many idlers in the city. It is terrible and I am petitioning the authorities to take charge of the situation before people take law into their hands. Political leadership is now focusing on 2017 and the best they can do is to please voters.
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